Chapter 1 Getting Started

(08 November, 2021, 11:42)

1.1 Initial Remarks

1.2 Specific useful cheat sheets and primers

1.3 Installing and Setting up RStudio

Currently, the most convenient interface to R is the RStudio GUI. You can either install it locally, or use it online on RStudio Cloud.

1.3.1 Local RStudio installation

  • Typically, RStudio is run on a local computer.

Please download R and RStudio separately from:

1.3.2 RStudio Cloud

You can use the RStudio cloud service for free after getting an account on RStudio Cloud.

1.4 Basics of the RStudio environment

Please take a look at the following thorough introduction to the RStudio environment.

Please watch the following video by Lisa DeBruine:

1.5 Special blocks in the following

  • In the following, R code blocks will appear as follows. The first block shows the R code, the second block the second block (with text in bold), the R output.
## [1] 21.0 21.0 22.8 21.4 18.7
  • Grey boxes of this type introduce new functions (at least sometimes).


Computes the average of a vector of numbers.

  • x The vector to average over.

1.6 Lecture Notes Source Code